When the holidays come around, there are so many ways to celebrate the animals in your life and how much you appreciate their love and affection. At Christmas time, you can get your dog a chew toy in the shape of a snowman, a reindeer or a gingerbread man. At Halloween, you can celebrate with matching costumes or with adorable accessories, from leashes and collars to sweaters and more. If you love Valentine’s Day, you can always get your dog a tasty treat to make sure they know how much they’re loved. But what about gifts for yourself? Or for other animal caregivers in your life that do everything they can to make sure that they are fabulous parents to their furry children? There are also perfect gifts out there for them! If you know someone who adores their dog, a dog mom coffee mug might be the perfect gift for them this holiday season, or for an upcoming birthday.

Even if you’re more of a cat person, you undoubtedly know someone in your life that cares for their dog like a baby. They pamper them with love and attention, preferring to take them wherever they go. Oftentimes they have a special carrier or purse or sling that lets them carry their small dog, or they prefer to meet in outdoor places where they can bring along their big dog. They’re always considering what kinds of new toys they can get for their furry child, whether it’s new chew toys, tug toys or balls. And the treats that they buy! Nothing is too good for their dog. A dog mom will look for the most nutritious food, the tastiest treats and the healthiest snacks for their baby. A pet caregiver like this will definitely love a gift like a dog mom coffee mug.

If you know the breed of your friend’s special fur child, you can even get a personalized mug that looks like them. Look around for a mug that offers a picture or silhouette that is the most like your friend’s pet for a gift that is sure to delight. Or explore online to find a coffee mug with a message that they’ll appreciate, like “Best Dog Mom.” The options are infinite, so this holiday season or birthday take the time to get a present that the pet lover in your life will fall in love with.