When it comes to making a comfortable home that will keep your little critter happy, nothing is more important than their bed. Every animal in the animal kingdom, from mice to dogs to horses, need a good sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the new day. Some pets, like many rodents, like to spend their day snoozing away and scurry around at night, while dogs prefer to be up during the day so that they can spend all of their time with you, their favorite human. But the thing that they all have in common is needing a place to sleep that makes them feel warm, safe and secure. Small pets are especially prone to feeling anxious while they sleep, because they are naturally prey and wary of anything that might want to eat them, which is why it’s so important to invest in the proper bedding. Shop around online or at your favorite brick and mortar pet store to find the best selection of small pet beds for sale.

Different animals like different kinds of beds. Many dogs are content with a simple pad or even with sharing your bed with you, but the very best small pet beds for sale will offer your wee critters a place to hide. These kinds of beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect option for your little pet, whether it’s a mouse, a rat, a chinchilla or a hedgehog. One simple and affordable option that many rodents adore is wooden substrate nesting paper; this material looks like just like long strips of paper and provides a lightweight, natural protection layer that hamsters and mice can easily burrow into and sleep in. For a little more structure and protection, an eco-friendly cotton house creates a warm cave where your little buddies can catch some shuteye.

Whatever bed you choose for your little pet, there may be an adjustment phase after you introduce it into their cage. Often it’s just a matter of time before your gerbil, hamster or rat realizes that the new object isn’t a threat and begins to climb all over and in it. While they are getting used to it, make sure that you keep a close eye on your pet and the new bedding to ensure that they’re not eating any parts that they shouldn’t or that they’re not avoiding it for longer than a day or two; both could be signs that it’s not the right bedding for that pet. Enjoy shopping!