Hello there and thanks for stopping by. There are so many things out there that can make our pup happy, especially today with all of the different companies built around making items just for our dogs. Many famous people even have their own names on dog toys and beds and more. Almost everyone it seems has a dog or cat toy company. With all of the people putting out toys and dog beds and cat scratchers it can be tough to choose, especially when buying things online. Do you know what you are shopping for? If you know what pet you’re shopping for you may be able to find deals. If you’re open minded about what you could find then your chances of finding a deal are even greater. In this blog we will go over several different options that aren’t collars and leashes like some neat pet beds or pet hammocks. Well wait no longer and look no further because here are several of those items.

How about getting a small warm dog/cat house for your little critter. Its partially covered and comes in 7 different including gray, green, charcoal, deep red, blue brown and even yellow. These are washable and eco-friendly and are suited for small animals. One of the favorite and uncommon gifts for animals is the fried egg blanket. Featuring a sunny side up egg, the cute egg blanket looks absolutely adorable on your pet of choice. Made of coral fleece this comfy blanket can also be used to throw over a bed for added kitty comfort. If those don’t suit you then there is another great option with the HOT!! House blanket and doggie/kitty home. It doesn’t matter if you have paws or claws this is the bee’s knees. These little animal homes feature removable covers for convenience and removable doors for the animals to use. Makes a great nap or sleeping spot for Fido or Mr. Whispers. With Halloween coming up it reminds us of pet clothes and costumes, we can talk about that more in a future blog though.

Thanks for coming by the blog and thanks for reading. If you have a special animal house that you’ve found or built, please shoot us an email and a picture and let us know, we’d love to see it and we just might share it on a future blog. Thanks again and enjoy your time with your pet.